Developed with Mountain Rescue teams.

The Talon was developed with input from Mountain Rescue Teams, and in particular the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue

Team for back-roping stretchers on steep ground where the consequences of a failure are not catastrophic.

Each leg is laser cut from sheet aluminium.

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DMM’s steep earth anchor, the Talon, is the ideal solution for rigging in situations where the only anchor option is the earth itself. Developed with input from mountain rescue teams, for back-roping stretchers on steep ground where the consequences of a failure are not catastrophic.

Although there is no strength rating for this product, mountain rescue teams acheived strength ratings greater than 5kN from a single set during field trials. Multiple Talon anchors, when equalised, will increase the holding power. Each of the Talons five legs are laser cut from sheet aluminium giving an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The flat head of each leg provides an ideal surface for hammering with a soft-headed hammer such as DMM’s Claw Steep Earth Axe whilst an 11mm Dynatec Sling attachment point is used for strength, flexibilty and low-weight.

The serrated top edges create a standing platform with improved grip underfoot when it is weighted by an individual for added security. This is standard procedure for Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team when skidding a stretcher; working as a two-person team at the belay station, with the individual standing on the anchor relaying communications back from the stretcher party on required back-rope speeds to the rope controller.

The holding power of the Talon is dependant on the integrity of the substrate in which it is being used, as well as it being correctly installed and orientated in the first instance. When the Talon is not in use, a retaining pin fastens it together, so it can conveniently be carried on a harness or stowed in a kit bag.





Product Name Product Code Colour
Talon GFAS-MG Matt Grey


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