Anthron DSD Plus



·      Breaking load in excess of 25kN and an increased maximum working load of 200kg.

·      Recommended for descending up to a maximum load of 100m at a time.

·      Conforms to EN 341 (Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height) with 11mm ropes.

·      Conforms to EN 12841 (Personal Fall Protection Equipment – Rope Access Systems) when used with ropes between 10mm and 12mm.



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The DSD (Double Stop Descender) Plus boasts an increased maximum working load, higher breaking forces and improved handling capabilities when compared to the original DSD. The long rubber coated handle and curvy side plates allow a comfortable and reliable grip. The possibility of incorrect insertion of the rope is small and it will not result in a fall. A wear indicator is integrated into the pivoting pulley. All these features make the DSD Plus fit for military and tactical situations such as single and assisted descents, intervention techniques, evacuations, rescue and plain rope access.




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