ANR Design

ANR Design LLC is not just a manufacturing company, it’s a people company. ANR Design puts people first. People are who define our products. Every single new technology or new product brought to market by ANR Design is driven by a person, or a collective result of the needs of people.

A scabbard is equally as important as the sword. Scabbards are what protects the sword from the elements, keeping moisture out and the blade dry. The scabbard protects the blade edge so it may remain sharp, it also protects the user and the environment around the user from being cut by the blade. The scabbard can be used as a secondary weapon constructed of materials suitable for defense. The sword and scabbard are analogous to the gun and holster.

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Extrema Ratio

Extrema Ratio, located in Prato, Italy, has been designing, manufacturing and selling high performance combat ,military, kitchen, hunting and tactical knives since 1997 enjoying a reputation for excellence that is unsurpassed in the military and tactical knife industry.

The increased capacity through the years enabled Extrema Ratio to extend its operations. As part of this effort, the company moved in 2004 to a new 600 square meter facility in order to meet the market demand and the company quickly established itself as one of the country’s leading cutlery manufacturers.

Extrema Ratio serves military and law enforcement communities (for kitchen knives, best hunting knives) as well as commercial markets and the knives like are well known and sought after all over the globe.

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First Light

At First-Light, USA we may be surrounded by corn and soybean fields, but our lights were born on the battlefield and on patrol – where low light can be a formidable adversary for warfighters, combat medics, and police officers. Our approach to tactical lighting ignores the outdated rules of flashlight design, allowing us to create revolutionary, hands-enabling, professional-grade lighting solutions for the most critical of circumstances.

We’ve spent years studying how tactical professionals use their lights. Their movements. Their decision-making processes. Even their stress levels. The result of these careful observations are common-sense designs that offer uncommon tactical performance advantages. With NVG-friendly options and a variety of powerful beacon arrays, we can provide low- to high-signature light at the touch of a finger. And our proprietary Red+Green color mix, available on several of our lights, allows for increased blood highlighting at the point of injury, allowing medics to more readily identify trauma and provide the appropriate care under the most intense conditions.

Our battle-tested TORQ, T-MAX, and TOMAHAWK lights have also found a home with emergency responders, hunters, campers, adventurers, personal defense, and everyday use. They are also the ideal tools for HVAC, electricians, plumbers, farmers, mechanics, audio professionals and any profession that finds darkness an obstacle to getting the job done.

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The mission from the start, in 2006, was to build better and more secure solutions for people traveling in wet or sandy elements. Those days the brand was called Piteraq Hardware. When we wanted to take the products and development to the next stage we also thought the products needed a fresh start. A new brand name was born.

Working in-house with personnel from leading special operations forces, outdoor and expedition specialists, we have been quietly supplying bags designed for everything from Maritime Operations to expeditions in arctic waters and climbing in the Himalayas.
Our products have uncompromised functionality, the very best components and are built to be used in the harshest environments.

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Juggernaut began in 2000 as an industrial design firm composed of a handful of designers and engineers. Around 2010, as smartphones and tablets gained enough horsepower to run moving map applications developed by DARPA, the need for a sealed, connected case arose. That’s when Juggernaut.Case was born with it’s first product concept – a rugged enclosure with tactical radio connection for the Dell Streak PDA. The need for hands-free operation of the smart device within a Juggernaut. Case. led to the development of the PALS Armor mount, a chest mount that allows the user to rapidly fold the display down for use. As software applications for the battlefield, like ATAK, APASS and Nett Warrior have evolved, so has the Juggernaut.Case product ecosystem. With over 100,000 cases fielded downrange, we are the defense industry commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution for protecting, mounting and connecting devices.

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OTTO Engineering designs and manufactures innovative two-way radio accessories developed for high-precision applications. OTTO specializes in tactical communication headsets, push-to-talk (PTT) systems and multi-port hubs, speaker microphones, cable assemblies for interfacing accessories to radios, tactical surveillance kits, and wireless intercoms for virtually all radio platforms. For 60 years, OTTO’s products have been recognized for excellence by military, law enforcement agencies, public safety agencies and retail and commercial customers worldwide.

OTTO is a vertically integrated manufacturer with in-house injection molding, stamping, CNC machining, cable assembly and cable overmolding capabilities. Our strong mechanical, electrical and RF Design Engineering capability, world-class test lab and computer controlled production line testing is unmatched in the industry. OTTO markets its products through three divisions, OTTO Controls, OTTO Communications, and Dies Plus.

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PACT was founded in 1982 to design and produce the first modern training timer for shooting, the PACT Championship Timer. Over the years the Championship Timer has undergone several changes, both in software and hardware. In its current form, The MKIV Championship is by far the most advanced training timer in the world and is the choice of top competitive shooters in a variety of disciplines as well as our most elite military and law enforcement units.

We’ve also developed several different chronographs. Spread over a wide price range, our chronographs run from our most basic unit, the Model 1, which competes on a performance basis with the best our competitors have to offer, yet at a price close to that of the disposable down range box units. Our higher end units incorporate built in ballistic computers and a printer.

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Qinetiq NA

We deliver multi-domain solutions to enable our customers to overcome the next generation of threats, increase force projection, and reduce cognitive burden, while leveraging autonomy. Together, these play a growing role supporting missions by protecting critical assets and the lives of Soldiers.

As a mission-led engineering company, we provide critical capabilities in support of our Defense and Security forces in the U.S. and abroad.

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Smith Optics

In 1965 Dr. Bob Smith, orthodontist and original ski bum, develops the first sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. He hand builds goggles in his garage and sells them out of his van on weekend ski trips in Utah and Colorado.

With a refined design and manufacturing plan, Smith takes his innovation and starts producing his Smith Original ski goggle in 1969 in Rifle, Colorado with a contract manufacturer. In 2000 Smith moves headquarters from Lewis St. in Ketchum, Idaho, and builds its new world headquarters a few blocks away at 280 Northwood Way.

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TactiScan® is a product of Spectral Engines® – an award-winning innovator known for the development and production of groundbreaking smart sensor technologies. The company is based in Germany and develops and produces in Finland, one of the world’s leading countries in scientific research and development of next-generation technologies.

Spectral Engines develops spectroscopic devices, smart sensors and advanced pocket-size analyzers and provides the tools for material sensing in a variety of applications. The technology originates from years of research done at Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT).
The cost-efficient solutions developed by the company enable the use of measuring technologies in multiple areas of different industries. Spectral Engines has focused especially in the development of applications for textile and plastic sorting, smart industry, drug anti-counterfeiting and portable measuring devices such as TactiScan. The developed solutions bring benefits to both growing the effectiveness of industrial and agricultural processes and enhancing the quality of life.

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Design and Validation for the Tactical Community. Home of the patent-pending FUSION™ system, ATOM™ pistol optic mount, and lots of other awesomeness.

Established in 2012, UNITY Tactical was founded on innovation. UNITY designs, develops and produces unique and innovative products for the military, law enforcement and civilian shooting communities in allied nations across the globe. It also provides OEM manufacturing and consulting services for other brands both inside and outside of the defense and shooting sports verticals.

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Velocity Systems

Velocity Systems was founded in 2007 to provide the highest performing armor solutions, in the shortest amount of time, to the United States Military Special Operations community and top Law Enforcement communities. The Velocity Systems owners have over 75 years of combined specialized armor manufacturing experience. Together they have molded Velocity into a company with extensive knowledge of custom armor solutions and special projects for new and emerging threats. While specializing in custom armor systems and special projects for Special Operations Soldiers and Law Enforcement, Velocity also maintains an abundant inventory of our “off-the-shelf” armor systems. This inventory allows us to deliver “At the Speed of Need” for immediate requirements.

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From the very beginning, Wilcox has built a trusted reputation by dedicating and demonstrating commitment to you, our customers. Innovative by culture, critically focused on quality, every feature of our products is designed with you in mind. Constant communication, collaboration and direct interaction with you is what informs and drives every aspect of our Wilcox “systems of systems” approach to Warfighter and First Responder capability development.

As a proud ISO 9001:2015 certified company, our standards for quality are demonstrated every single day throughout the entire process from design, testing and verification, production, product launch and subsequent service support. No matter what the product material, size or complexity, the Wilcox commitment to quality and customer support never ends. The Wilcox brand remains synonymous for cutting-edge innovation and unsurpassed quality, while at the same time increasing the operational capability and providing a tactical discriminator that is simply without peer.

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