Revolver Rig


Large sheave tread diameter for large bend radius
High efficiency roller bearings
Full strength becket accepts most carabiners or direct textile connection
Removable captive bar
DMM iD optional
Keylock nose for snag free operation
Uniquely profiled spine to aid correct orientation



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A carabiner with an integrated pulley. It features a high efficiency roller bearing sheave(s), threaded removable captive bar and a full strength textile friendly becket.
The Revolver Rig comes into its own when flexibility and efficiency are paramount, it excels in improvised rescues, compact mechanical advantage systems and reducing friction in rigging featuring ropes.
The uniquely profiled spine and captive bar aid in maintaining correct orientation.
The design of the Revolver Rig is such that when using a carabiner attached to the becket any friction between the carabiner and rope is minimised.
Manufactured in Tactical colours it is suited to Military and Tactical climbing operations in both Mountain and Urban environments.



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