Lyon Obelisk Quadpod


Tool-less locking of leg sections using captive ‘push pins’.
Swivel and lock feet give rapid change between load-spreading surface and stainless steel spike.
Dedicated guying points for additional security.
Max height under swivel anchor point: 2200mm.
Max width with long cross-head: 400mm.
Weight including all accessories: 22kg.
EN 795:2012 Type B, CEN/TS 16415:2013 Type B



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The Lyon Obelisk Quadpod has been designed for CASEVAC, hauling and lowering operations on steep, rough and remote terrain. It’s many features and configurations make it a versatile tool for a variety of different situations within rescue and emergency use.

It is constructed from stainless steel and aluminium to give a combination of strength and lightweight. The Obelisk uses an adjustable length crosshead bar so that loads of different sizes can be manoeuvred through the legs making smooth edge transitions easier. It features a multi-position main anchor point with option for a second anchor point to be fitted if required.



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