Pinto Rig


Fairlead flares increase efficiency

The pulleys side plates are angled away from the sheave, giving a reduced bend radius and increasing efficiency if the ropes run over them.

Hot forged body reduces wear on ropes

Stainless steel spindles for corrosion resistance

Rope friendly attachment points gives versatile connection options



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The Pinto Rig pulley has hot forged body that is kind to ropes however they run. Fairlead flares reduce friction when the rope isn’t running perfectly, while a full strength becket gives attachment options that give the Pinto versatility.

Manufactured in tactical colours it is suited to military and tactical climbing operations in both mountain and urban environments.



Product Name Product Code Colour MBS WLL Dimensions Weight Max. Rope Diameter Certification
Pinto Rig Pulley PUL120MG Matt Grey 50kN 10kN 100 x 48 x 37mm 162g 16mm NFPA 1983: 2017 G, EN 12278:2007


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