I-Beam Shadow


Keylock nose stops the carabiner from snagging when un-clipping and allows release even when under tension.

On notched noses the notch catches on slings and webbing and if they are under load it is much harder to release them.

Patented Taperlock nose increases push-in strength and helps the carabiner achieve high strengths.

Barrel on the gate cannot be overtightened onto the nose of the carabiner.

Offset D shape is optimised for improved ergonomics whilst maximising safety.

Excellent corrosion resistance, especially with the black electrophoretic coating.

All carabiners marked with individual serial number for full traceability.

Hot forging the back allows us to move metal to where it is needed.

Can be fitted with an RFID chip if required.

Can be fitted with a captive bar if required.




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The Shadow is a midsize, offset D shape carabiner that minimises weight when setting up rigging systems or anchoring heavy loads.
One of the new generation of DMM steel carabiners that uses the latest hot forging techniques to create a lightweight, strong steel carabiner with a modern feature set that includes a key-lock gate for snag free use, a barrel that can’t be over tightened and taperlock nose for added strength.
The Shadow comes in two finishes; a black electrophoretic coating or a zinc galvanised plating. These finishes both provide excellent corrosion resistance that exceeds their requirements of the 24 hour corrosion test.
The Steel Shadow Screwgate in black is one of three new generation DMM I-beam steel carabiners currently in service with the UK MOD.



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