Helix Urban Hook


Helix Urban Hook HX004-01 Black 240g 21 x 12 x 16cm Tip Strength


Arch Strength



Initially designed as an urban hook for our hook & pole sets, the design brief was to create a strong hook with a subdued noise signature that bit well into surfaces and was stable when placed.
We started the process by specifying the same steel used on our ice axes . This helps the pick to remain sharp and the hook to bite well on a wide variety of surfaces. The point can be sharped when it does eventually start to blunt.
The shape of the hook was carefully designed so that there would be three points of contact (tip and the edges of both wings) in various orientations – no matter whether the placement is on a vertical, sloping or overhung placement. The stability was further enhanced by adding rubber feet to the wings that helps reduce skidding/walking whilst also subduing noise.
The hook body is largely encased in a plastic coating that reduces noise when placing, especially when used on railings.
The placement spike fits into our range of telescopic poles as well as fitting into rifle barrels if a pole is not available. The spike is angled to allow easy release so that the placement isn’t dislodged in the process.
The hook is heat treated to the same temperature as our ice axe blades, and when tested it was rated to 500kg when tip loaded and 1000kg when loaded on the apex.
The hook is available separately and also as part of our hook, pole and ladder sets that allow access to first and second story access points.


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