+ Spring-loaded, incrementally adjustable legs

+ Rapid attachment & detachment to a rifle

+ Can be folded up & locked under the rail

+ Track targets with the traverse capability

+ Serviceable feet covering rubber boots over tungsten carbide tips

+ Low profi le & compact for carriage when removed

+ Tac-Adapter rail mount options for Picatinny, M-Lok& Key-Mod

+ Direct adapter attachment capability to Spartan tripod fi ttings

+ Cant capability for levelling the rifle on uneven terrain

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The Vidarr is a CNC machined, lightweight tactical bipod, with an innovative design that allows users to take full advantage of the high-performance calibres used in modern compact short-barrelled rifles & carbines. It provides greater stability & accuracy where accurate shot placement is critical or the operational range needs to be extended. The slim design matches our patented magnetic attachment system with our rail specific Tac-Adapter range, enabling rapid attached or detatched from the rifle when required. The ‘Vidarr’ can also be folded up under the rail for fast-moving deployments, making it ideal for users working in confined spaces, buildings, vehicles or where the risk of entanglement is a consideration.


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