+ Wide and stable leg stance

+ Spring-loaded, incrementally adjustable legs

+ Rapid attachment & detachment to the rifl e

+ Leg pitch adjustable to fi ve angle settings

+ Locking cant capability for levelling the rifl e on uneven terrain

+ Serviceable feet covering rubber boots over tungsten carbide tips

+ Rail mount options for Picatinny & M-Lok

+ Direct bipod attachment capability onto Spartan tripod fi ttings

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The Valhalla bipod uses a CNC machined chassis design that lowers the centre of gravity and provides a wide & stable leg stance that enhances accuracy, that can also be over barrel mounted. A locking cant function provides for shooting on uneven terrain. The rifle attached spigot fitting moves the fulcrum point towards the muzzle, increasing stability, whilst enabling the bipod to be easily attached & detached from the rifle.

The two sectioned Tac Legs are spring-loaded and incrementally adjustable for height and can be changed out to allow easy fitting of the Spartan Pro-Legs, which are offered in a selection of different lengths. The legs can be independently set to five different pitch positions, forwards or rearwards for use around obstacles, obstructions or structures. The Valhalla bipod enables direct connection to the Sentinel, Ascent & Hercules tripod systems & our Davros tripod converter head, facilitating rapid adaptation of shooting stances.


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