• Fits securely on all combat belts with non-slip Trelleborg™ lining
  • Comes standard with black snap-hook, but the open girth hitch end allows handler to change out hardware or go loop to loop to eliminate all noise and potential rattle
  • Tactile beads make ejection lever easy to locate without taking your eyes off intended target
  • Mil-Spec stainless steel hardware
  • Durable dual ply Mil-Spec tubular nylon with high-test bungee sewn inside
  • Made in the USA


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Placed on the handler’s non-firing or heeling side, this product allows for efficient positive ejection under load, thus allowing the K9 to pursue its target. The 18” retractable bungee reduces risk of tangle or snag hazards, yet keeps the ejection point well away from the K9’s head. The integrated control handle on Mil-Spec tubular nylon allows for control of the K9, even with a gloved hand.


  • Available in Black or Coyote


  • 18” retractable bungee / tubular nylon lead with integrated control handle, extends to 25” under tension


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