Phantom HMS

– Versatile and lightweight keylock HMS Screwgate (56g)

-Strong and light I-Beam construction

-A modern interpretation of the HMS (Pear) shape to encourage correct loading and increase volume to enable improved handling and compatibility with thicker ropes and slings

-Keylock nose to eliminate snagging


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The DMM Phantom HMS Screwgate is an extremely compact and at 56g,  extremely lightweight HMS carabiner.
It has a top bar with a large radius that is kind to ropes and a flat profile that works well with double rope. The shape also helps stop “lockdown” on belay plates.  All these features make it ideally suited to belaying with both belay plates and with the Munter/Italian Hitch.
The Phantom HMS uses an extra short gate that gives extra clearance at the top of the carabiner; this means despite its small size it can take two clove hitches. This allows it to be used as a lightweight, personal rigging carabiner.
The DMM Phantom HMS Screwgate is made from 7075-T6 aluminium alloy with a strong and light I-Beam construction that yields a really high strength to weight ratio.
The carabiner has a keylock nose to eliminate snagging and an anti-bind gate to stop it binding under load.
The carabiner comes as standard with a matt grey anodised finish but can also be supplied with a matt black anodised finish or with more specialist Ceracote finishes in a range of tactical colours from artic white to desert coyote. The Ceracote coatings are also available with a reduced IR signature.
Phantom HMS Screwgate A572MG Matt Grey 71 x 96mm 56g 25kN 9kN 7kN 20mm EN362:2004 B, EN12275:2013 H 8465-99-217-5057
Phantom HMS Kwiklock A573MG Matt Grey 71 x 96mm 61g 25kN 9kN 7kN 19mm EN362:2004 B, EN12275:2013 H
Phantom HMS Locksafe A577MG Matt Grey 71 x 96mm 62g 25kN 9kN 7kN 19mm


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