Magnetic Base for Glock 19-23-25-32-38


Available on backorder


DPM Magnetic Base & Glass Breaker.

Combine with a DPM hi-end tech mechanism to achieve protection of the firearm, reduction of the recoil, improvement of the firing speed, elimination of jams, better control and greater accuracy, and protection of the slide. As always, DPM products are designed and developed with user’s safety as a priority. Exceptional manufacturing and engineering using high-end materials.


Attention: The DPM Mechanical Recoil Reduction System is not included in the package.

The DPM Magnetomechanical Recoil System uses the Mechanical Recoil Reduction System and a separate Μagnetic base which mounts to the firearms forward tactical rail. This system works due to the contained multi springs within the rod in cooperation with the magnetic base which holds the slide in its battery position with increased resistance and momentarily delays rearward movement of the slide. This action will achieve the maximization of gases escaping from the barrels muzzle, consequently causing the slide to move back more gently and transmit less kinetic energy to the shooter. The installation requires no modification to the weapon.


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