LynQ Long-Range Location Tracker



  • Provides real-time direction and distance data within a 3-mile radius with 3-meter GPS accuracy.
  • Spread-spectrum frequency hopping ensures a secure, reliable individual group network to locate team members at all times.
  • Works where smart phones, WiFi and cellular networks fail.
  • Single-button user interface makes it incredibly simple to set and pair each unit and the group.
  • Rugged integrated carabiner clip securely attaches to any gear.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to
    3 days with mixed use. Charges via integrated mini-USB.


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Outdoor Location Tracking for Teams of up to 12 People

The revolutionary LynQ Location Tracker makes it simple to find team members in crowds, remote areas, combat/tactical situations, rugged terrain or anywhere under the open sky. The real-time display shows distance and direction information for up to 12 team members within a 3-mile radius to keep your team connected.

LynQ works when nothing else will. Proprietary technology uses algorithms that blend GPS signals with long-range, low-power radio frequency communication to connect paired LynQ devices. A completely secure, closed

private network is created between
all your paired devices to locate group members at all times no matter the weather or terrain. It’s weatherproof, water-resistant and military-tested to ensure durable performance in tough conditions. Best of all, there are no apps to buy and no monthly fees.

The LynQ Location Tracker sets up easily in minutes to keep team members connected in crowded, rugged and hazardous situations.

Start by syncing up all the units. Set a home base or meet-up location for the group to assemble at the
end of the mission or training exercise. For added safety, a boundary radius can be set. The alert system will vibrate and ring the instant someone leaves the designated area.

Then split up and LynQ up, knowing each team member can be located when needed.



  • IP67 rated to withstand harsh, wet weather and blowing dust and dirt
  • Operates in the 902-928 MHz frequency range
  • Measures 4-in. x 2-in. x 1-in.
  • Includes mini-USB charging cord
  • 1-Year warranty


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