GHIDORAH 556 Placard Insert


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Length: 9.5″

Crye JPC Kangaroo Pouch
Ferro Concepts Kangaroo Pouch
Velocity Systems Kangaroo Pouch

Haley Strategic D3Micro Kangaroo Pouch

Spiritus Systems Micro Flight

(GHIDORAH-S 556 will fit this, release date TBD)

We developed this project specifically for Velocity Systems kangaroo pouches. We realize we could design it in a way to support other kangaroo pouch systems.
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Ghidorah 556 is a single unit, placard insert 556 magazine carrier that fits most chest rigs and plate carrier placard kangaroo pouches. It has individual adjustable retention, flared magwells for easier mag insertion, and elongated Kydex offset for the a 1″ higher ride height than standard pouches. The Ghidorah also curved to fit most plates. GHID 556 comes in black 0.080 Kydex.

Ghidorah will be provided with (qty: 6) velcro HOOK squares that must be applied by the customer. There are many products on the market today that all follow a certain recipe of velcro pattern. We have decided to provide HOOK only so that it is 100% compatible with our ANR/Cole-tac Kaiju Stiffy Kits. These can be found in the Store, or added-on in the Ghidorah product builder. If you want to map it to your kangaroo pouch, simply order velcro brand adhesive hook and loop kits.


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