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Foxseal Vented performed at a steady low pressure in-vitro (Between 0.1 and 0.5mm Hg), even when fully covered with heavy clothing. Minimising the risk of developing tension pneumothorax (circa 10 mm Hg). Adhesion strength consistently higher than the specification standard (4 N), across all dressings, tested in-vitro. All dressings tested in-vitro displayed high adhesion strength after being carried in an IFAK flat, rolled and folded over an 8-week period, in -24℃ and 55℃. Consistently higher than the specification standard (4 N).

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Foxseal Vented is a unique 360º Hyper-Vent system and the first ever chest seal with 512 vents 1 giving you more ways to release pressure, prevent blockages and save a life. UNIQUE 360º HYPER-VENT SYSTEM: Simply remove from the pack and apply in any orientation. 512 vents to release air and prevent the development of tension pneumothorax. Smart geometric pattern design of 24 adhesive islands preventing creases from affecting vent performance.


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