Technical data 

•Available in diameters 30 mm, 34 mm and 36mm

•With or without level

•Works with 1 x CR1 / 3N battery

•Ultra long autonomy, more than 30,000 ignitions in mode 1, maximum intensity.

•Time delay calibrated to 10, 30 or 120 seconds.

•Producedin the mass, in reinforced and anodized aluminum, resistant to the largest calibers.

•Weight : 

•TDL : 46 grs

•TDL+ : 50 grs

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•One push on the button+switch on the TDL

•The TDL switch off automaticallyaccordingto the mode selectedor youcan press3 seconds on the button

•Once switch on, the two buttons allow to adjust the brightness.

•There are seven levels of intensity : 3%, 20%, 35%, 50%, 65%, 80% and 100%

This function allows to adapt the brightnessaccording to the darkness and shooter needs.

Changing the mode :

•The TDL has 3 mode of working.

•You can switch by a pressure on the 2 buttons during 3 seconds. You noticed the changing mode thanks to the number of flash.

•Mode 1 : The TDL switch off after 10 seconds

•Mode 2 : The TDL switch off after 30 seconds

•Mode 3 : The TDL switch off after 120 seconds

Low battery is detected by three quick flash when you switch on the TDL.

It is advice to change immediately the battery

•The mode you have used before switch off the TDL is memorized. When you swithon again the TDL, the mode selected previously is the one in use.


•The TDL with one battery inside

•One extra battery

•One hex wrench

•Quick user mode 




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