+Multifunctional tripod, bipod monopod/trekking pole & shelter support system

+Rapid transition between rifl es, optics, cameras & accessory equipment

+ Smooth and stable 360-degree traverse

+ Friction controlled elevation, depression and cant adjustment

+ Detachable legs for use as trekking poles

+ Folding hook to mount extra ballast weight to aid stability

+ Serviceable feet, covering rubber boots over tungsten carbide tips

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The Spartan Sentinel is a minimalist and robust support system for rifles & optics that is highly adaptable in the field. Using our patented ‘Magnetic Attachment System’, to rapidly attach or detach rifles or other equipment when required. One system allowing transition from reconnaissance & evidence-gathering operations to intervention.

Its CNC machined head unit features an articulating spigot mount with a large range movement for high angle shooting and use on uneven terrain. The strong but lightweight three-section carbon fibre legs are removable from the head unit allowing the user to adapt the ‘Sentinel’ as a tripod, bipod or monopod, & trekking poles, and even form a support frame for a lightweight shelter system.


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