QD, USB-C, Power Delivery



  • IP67 seal against mating housing on USB-C SLEEV case models
  • IP67 secondary seal to USB-C port on end user device
  • Cable not sealed when unmated
  • Compatible with QD case models – SLEEV and fully sealed Juggernaut.Case (no compatible with IMPCT cases)
  •  24″ length
  • 0.21″ cable diameter
  • Charge rate = 7.5W
  • Compatible with USB-A Charge Cable (for power only, not data)
  • Not suitable for direct connection to Conformal Wearable Batteries
  • For connection to Glenair or Black Diamond hubs, please contact those companies for specific cable
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When using a smartphone or tablet in the field for coordinated team operations, battery life is critical. Connectivity to peripherals can quickly drain power from the device. The Quick Disconnect Power Delivery Cable allows the EUD to operate in host mode, while still receiving a charge, utilizing a 5V line for up to 1.5A.


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